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Hi my name is Gary, I'm a customer of Gravelshop. I depend on them very much for a lot of fill products. Out here in this whole neighborhood, it's kind of low during a rainy season, it gets to be a runoff problem. I have property on the other side of the fence and what we do, is we build our yards up here so it runs off into that, rather you know flooding back underneath our homes.

It's important to me to have the right material because if it's not, then I didn't really alleviate the problems and would be going through this again. In my opinion it's a waste of time to even go to most of these other shops and with Gravelshop I don't have to. I mean it's convenient, I can order from my phone, I can be out here working and say 'hey I need usually like 17 yards at a time,' and you know I can make the order right on the phone.

There's pictures of exactly what I'm going to get, and that's exactly what I have been getting. When the product showed up, I was really surprised that I got it at such a reasonable price. They're always on time, I get a choice at different times, and they're always here on time. They've been very dependable.

Even though I'm online, sometimes I get a call: you know, 'were they polite, were they you know this or that?' Yeah, I tell them every time, pleasure doing business with you. I have a lot of neighbors stop and ask me where I'm getting my stuff from, and I tell them Gravelshop. They show up on time, they're dependable, the price is is fair, I wouldn't do business with anybody else, I wouldn't even consider. | Construction Material and Landscape Supply in Alabama, Arkansas Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Probably the largest network of independent Haulers.