Terms and Conditions

At www.gravelshop.com you can order goods through our website. If you have requests for goods that are not on the website, or if you would like a quote for a larger order, you are welcome to contact Gravelshop.com directly. Please call or contact us via e-mail. You can find our contact information on our website. All prices include sales tax and any relevant environmental and commodity charges. US law and practices are applicable to trading on Gravelshop.com. After placing an unsolicited order, you will receive an order confirmation email. The agreed upon order will be reflected in the order confirmation. Information about payment and shipping will also be outlined in the confirmation email. Upon ordering, you accept that the material will be unloaded at the best suitable spot on the driveway / sidewalk / street, and you give the truck driver full permission to make this decision, even if you do not agree with the driver. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, you accept both that the material will be left unattended, as well as full responsibility for anything that may happen as a result of the material being left unattended.

Road access to the delivery point must be at least 12 feet wide, and must be suitable for heavy trucks. If this is not the case, the driver will unload the goods as near as possible to the delivery point. If the driver cannot unload the materials, because these conditions are not met, you will be charged the full haul cost as a missed delivery. The driver will make an attempt to call you before delivery. On your order form, you can describe your preferred delivery location. To simplify the delivery process, you can also go outside and mark the delivery location. We do not spread the material, we do not perform landscaping work, we supply the material only.

How to shop with us:
In order to make a purchase on www.gravelshop.com, you must go through the following steps:
1. Find the product / goods you desire, add those to your shopping cart and then go to checkout.
2. Approve your purchase and accept our Terms and Conditions.
3. Enter your personal details.
4. Select the payment and pay.

We accept Mastercard, Visa and Amex. Payment can be submitted online when you complete your order.

To see the cost of delivery to your delivery address: First, simply enter your ZIP code in the field under 'Your Zipcode' on the left hand side of the Gravelshop homepage. Next, you can view the price (delivery included) of any material available within the given ZIP code. Delivery rates displayed without keying in your ZIP code are only estimates. **Delivery costs are subject to change without notice. You can also easily view your delivery cost by adding the product to the shopping cart. You always have the option to remove a product from the shopping cart by clicking the waste basket icon next to the product that you wish to remove. The shopping cart will display the total price for each item (delivery included), along with the applicable sales tax listed below. For additional delivery details and delivery methods, see under the menu item "Delivery".

Gravelshop.com currently supplies landscaping material and aggregates statewide throughout the U.S. states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Delivery time slots available will vary depending on the type of material and delivery ZIP code. Your options are disclosed after typing in your ZIP Code and will then be displayed in the product page. Transportation is carried out by independent trucking companies. The stated delivery times are subject to change. Situations beyond our control may occur such as shortages, lack of reliable delivery from a third party, sold-out goods or goods that fall out of the delivery range. When possible, we will inform you when a significant delay occurs or is about to occur. We are not liable for any delays that do occur.

Certain prerequisite conditions must also be met at the delivery site to ensure a successful delivery. There must be no cement slabs, pavers or similar where the truck needs to drive--as they may burst--and the surface must be capable of supporting a heavy truck. The driver, on arrival, will make an evaluation of the desired delivery location. If the driver determines that the request cannot be met, the driver will unload the material as close to the desired location as deemed safe and secure. Delivery location must be accessible for a heavy truck. The road must be at least 11.5 feet (three meters) wide and a free height of 13 feet (four meters). It is best to consider these conditions at your desired delivery site and entranceways yourself when placing an order in a small area or down a narrow street. We do not spread the material and we do not perform landscaping work -- we only supply the material. Please contact us if you are in doubt or have any further questions.

Please note: If you are not present upon arrival to the delivery site or are unreachable via your contact information provided, it will then be the determination of the driver as to where or if the delivery can be completed. If the driver determines that the delivery can be completed, they will do their best to drop the load either at your preferred location, on your marked spot (if one was placed), or otherwise in the best suitable place (if one exists) selected by the driver. If the driver determines they are unable to complete the delivery either as a result of not being able to contact you at the phone number provided, or due to the unsuitability of the delivery site, and returns to the quarry, yard, etc. - the customer will be responsible for the haul charge of a missed delivery.

Bulk Bags are delivered on pallets with a pallet truck - not with a crane. A pallet truck might not be able to deliver on a gravel, grass or soil surface. The nearest suitable surface will be selected by the truck driver if you are not present at the delivery site. You may specify your preferred spot when you make the order, or if you are present at the delivery, you can select it in agreement with the driver.

Gravelshop.com is not liable for outside costs or a loss of income associated with a delayed delivery, such as the customer hiring a landscaping team or taking time off from their employment. Gravelshop.com is also not responsible nor liable for costs associated with outside parties or external arrangements the customer has made, e.g., with a landscaping company, under any circumstance related to an order. In the event the buyer orders beyond the curb line, the buyer assumes all liability for damages to sidewalks, driveways or other property, loss and expense incurred as a result of such deliveries to the maximum extent of the law.

Shipping Costs
Gravelshop.com routinely subcontracts jobs out to a wide network of independent haulers and suppliers in order to fulfill the customers orders locally. All delivery services are carried out by 3rd party haulers. Price estimates reflected on our website on the price list and product pages are based upon availability and location by Zipcode. Prices shown in the shopping cart will reflect all expenses associated with the final order, including product costs, delivery services, operating costs and sales tax (if applicable).
The delivery cost is paid by you and is included in your price, unless stated otherwise. Delivery costs are dependent upon the size and weight of the order. It is sought, whenever possible, to perform a delivery of several products/truckloads on an order at once, though because different products are sometimes sourced from different places and with different trucks, shipments of products in one order may be divided into separate delivery installments.

Delivery costs will be refunded only if the purchase is cancelled and if the delivery has not yet started. Upon delivery of bulk bags / bulk bags on pallets, performed in a traditional freight shipping, packing may start several days before arrival.

You can also choose to return the order with a transport company of your selection at your own expense. The item can also be returned at your expense for return shipping using our service. Be aware that the haul costs for shipping heavy items weighing over a ton will typically represent the largest share of the total price - often more costly than the material itself.

**For details on refunding an order when the load is refused at the delivery site, see the final paragraph in the "Cancelling an Order" section.

Right of withdrawal
You will always have a 'right to withdraw' within 14 days from the date you received the goods. If you regret your purchase, you can choose to arrange shipment and return the product back to us no later than on the 14th day after receipt. You will then receive a refund for the goods upon arrival back to our yard. If you choose to return the item with our transport service, you will need to pay for the return shipment according to the delivery price. If you return the goods, the material needs to be in the same condition as when you received the goods, not used, not contaminated by any other material. This means that your 'right of withdraw' may be invalidated if the product or quantity is not the same as it was upon delivery.

When withdrawal is engaged, your money will be returned to you after we have received the product and verified that it meets the conditions for the right of withdrawal. The money will be refunded via the means with which the purchase was made. When replacing products that are not covered by the right of withdrawal, you will need to pay for shipping, return shipping and for the new shipment.

Cancelling an order
Please be advised that handling costs will apply if you cancel your order. If you cancel after the order has been purchased, you will need to pay a handling cost - in total (7.5%) of the total order value. The remaining 92.5% (including 92.5% of the sales tax) will be refunded. If you cancel after the truck has left the yard with your product, you will need to pay the transport cost, the setup and schedule cost. In total (50%) of the total order value. The remaining 50% (including 50% of the sales tax) of the order value will be refunded. You must cancel or postpone any order at least one business day before the delivery date, during business hours. You must receive confirmation of rescheduling or cancellation, otherwise transport costs will be incurred.

So long as the transported product falls within the Gravelshop.com product size and color variation disclaimer--the customer will not be entitled to a refund of any delivery costs associated with an order that is refused on-site.

Right of Return
When you shop with Gravelshop.com, you have, under applicable law, a 24-month withdrawal period. This means that you can either receive a different material, have your money refunded or receive a reduced price on the material, depending on the nature of the problem. This assumes of course that the claim is justified, and that the problem has not arisen due to wrongly using the product or because of other damage due to errors in handling. The delivered product must be "untouched" and amount to the same original quantity as it was upon delivery. Rights to a return are lost if and when the customer uses the delivered product in question. Using the product, e.g., allowing the product to mix with other materials such as sand or dirt, or installing or spreading the product using equipment, amounts to the customer accepting the product and thus forfeiting their right of return. Complaints must be made as soon as possible after you have discovered a problem with the goods. If you give notice within two months after the problem is discovered, the complaint will be considered valid for review. We will refund the relevant shipping costs that you have been charged in connection with the return of the goods once the claim is verified as legitimate. When you wish to complain about a product, you should always contact us to clarify the delivery location. Our contact information can be found on our website on the contact page. When you return the product, it is requested that you inform us of the order number and provide a brief description of the product's fault. The right of return does not apply to wrongly ordered goods or products that are ordered in error due to a lack of knowledge about the specific product or its applications.

Guiding Volume
Bulk material is loaded on trucks using a huge scoop. Industry truck loads are, on average, normally 21 tons. Due to this, the less material you order, the less accurate the load amount will be. Orders up to 4 tons should be expected to have up to a -20/+20% difference in the load amount versus the amount indicated on an order confirmation. It is not possible to change this, it is unfortunately the nature of the industry. When ordering small amounts of material, it is recommended that you order a little more than you think you may need in order to ensure you will have enough for your project. When ordering more than 4 tons of material, you can expect up to a -10/+10% difference in material amount. Orders that exceed this difference in amount from what has been ordered will be eligible for a percentage refund on the material only.

Product quantities are an estimate. Always calculate a little more than what you theoretically should need for your project. The weight can vary, for example, in dry or wet weather. Wet and dry material does not weigh the same. This should always be taken into consideration when shopping and ordering products of this kind. Volume weights for a product may come from the subcontractor information and contain errors or changes. These sales and delivery conditions apply to all purchases made on Gravelshop.com and with our business. This applies, unless otherwise agreed in writing, between you and Gravelshop.com. Stated prices will include all relevant sales tax. Written contracts with Gravelshop.com are to be in English. We recommend printing a copy / backup of all order information and relevant data. Gravelshop.com does not assume responsibility for any lost data or any other indirect damages caused by products sold by Gravelshop.com, unless specified otherwise under US law.

Your personal information
In order to ease the process of transacting business on Gravelshop.com, you should, at a minimum, register the following personal information: Name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. We perform the registration of your personal data in order to provide a product to you. Your personal information is registered with Gravelshop.com and retained for five years, after which it will be deleted from our system. The five year time period is pursuant to a requirement outlined under the Accounting Act. Any personal information requested or obtained from our website will be collected only with your expressed, informed consent.

The director and sales staff of Gravelshop.com will have access to the information recorded about you. The data controller at www.gravelshop.com is Christian Posborg. Our customer information is encrypted via an 8bit MD5 key. We do not send encrypted customer information. Data is not sold or redistributed under any circumstances to third parties. We record no sensitive personal information. As a registered customer with Gravelshop.com, you always have the right to appeal against this registration. You also have the right to transparency about what information is collected about you. These are your rights under the Personal Data Act. Any appeals should be directed to Gravelshop.com via email at "info@gravelshop.com", or via the contact information found at the bottom of the Gravelshop.com homepage.

Logstatistics is used on www.gravelshop.com as a statistical system for the purpose of collecting information that helps to formulate a statistical outline of how many visitors a website has had, where the visitors come from, and what page on the website they exited from. www.gravelshop.com uses statistical analysis in order to optimize the website and its features for the overall customer experience and for business purposes.

Security and Cookies
You can shop securely at Gravelshop.com. The registered data inputted from a purchase, such as your name, address, email, phone, etc., are used solely to carry out the order itself. Only the credit card data will be transmitted through encryption. All order information is saved in our accounting system and archived for up to 10 years, and may be used, for example, when changing/processing any subsequent sale. Gravelshop.com uses cookies dealing with the actual processes and calculations involved in placing orders. Cookies are deleted after one day. We save all the IP addresses of our visitors. As a registered customer in our system you always have the opportunity to appeal against a registration or demand transparency of the recorded data, pursuant to the requirements of the Personal Data Act.