How to build your driveway

Which gravel stone to choose

Mixed Gravel Stone for rustic look

More and more people favour a rustic look with mixed gravels for their driveway, instead of the more modern and popular choice of granite chips or limestone gravel. The mixed gravel of different sizes, from sand to small stones, adds a natural texture to your driveway and in essence makes your driveway fall in better with its natural surroundings. Mixed river gravel is commonly used for longer driveways where it will compact nicely for a smooth driving surface. The gravel mix is an option that is possible to fit with all types of houses, from rustic to modern. To compliment the mixed stones, a lining edge of large gravel can be put on both sides of the driveway to help create a natural boundary between growth and the gravel pathway. This can also be supplied with bark or mulch to add to the possibility of placing garden plants next to the drive way, for the ultimate rustic look.

57 Gravel Stone for classic look

The classic choice for any house owner, building a driveway, would be 57 limestone or number 5, which is similar in size. It is clear that the majority of landscape projects concerning driveways have installed 57 limerock. It is the most used gravel material compared to the mixed gravel. It don’t matter if the weather is sunny or mucky, the 57 gravel will stay true to its popular appearance. White gravel creates a stunning bright surface when it is dry and the rough edged dimensions of limerock helps drain your drive way when the rain comes. If your driveway will see a lot of traffic, the size of 57 limerock and river gravel will also help prevent the gravel material from getting lodged in the tire grooves. Remember to ballast your driveway before laying the top layer gravel, if you are building a complete new driveway. This is to avoid surface sinking. You can read more about ballasting driveways further down this landscaping article.

89 Gravel Stone for elegant look

For people wishing an even more elegant look for their driveway, there is the smaller but equally beautiful 89 gravel. The small limerock pebbles will create an almost uniform surface on your driveway and this always looks amazing, especially with the white color of the natural limerock. 89 limerock fits with all housing types as with the other gravels, but will truly look more elegant than the two others which are more rustic gravels. Because if the smaller size of the pebbles, 89 limerock gravel or river gravel will need a ballast layer underneath to prevent it from sinking into the soil beneath it. Similarly with 57 lime rock and mixed gravel, the material will aid in drainage of the driveway.

Remember ballast if you are doing a complete new driveway, to withstand pressure from vehicles

Just as choosing the right gravel type is important when building a new driveway, it is also equally important to fit in ballast underneath the layer of surface gravel. If this is not done, areas of the driveway may sink and the surface may get rugged and then it is too late to undo. Ballast is also used as drainage material to further help keep the surface clear of puddles and the congestion of mud. This particularly involves house owners situated in areas where the soil is soft or damp. Heavy traffic will also take a toll on your driveway. Of course it is better to be safe than sorry, and therefore you can visit the folks at to get the ballast you need, and the gravel for your new beautiful driveway.

Good luck with the project.