Sand for Pavers

Pavers are a great way to bring both practicality and beauty to your garden and home. In order to create the stability and finish you desire, you need the correct materials. That is why we have made it easy for you by having materials for your paver base as well as bulk sand for finishing.

We have bulk paver sand available for you, both for use as a fine paver sand for finishing as well as a coarse sand used as a paver base. Coarse paver sand, such as concrete sand, paver screenings, granite screenings, torpedo sand and 2NS sand all provide an excellent, compact and stable base for you to lay your pavers on. Fine sand, such as mason sand or mortar sand, is fine rather than coarse and is a great way to finish your pavers by filling in the small gaps once they have been laid.

Use our very easy-to-use paver sand calculator to make sure you purchase the exact amount of paver sand you need for your project. Once you have your amount, you can place your order easily online and choose your preferred delivery date, to get your bulk paver sand delivery scheduled just how you want it.

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