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Cypress Mulch

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  • Pricelist: Prices Cypress Mulch
  • Density: 1 ton = 2.5 cu yd / 1 cu yd = 0.4 ton
  • Coverage: 0.62 cu yd covers 100 sq ft 2 inch deep
  • Coverage: 1.54 cu yd covers 100 sq ft 5 inch deep
  • Estimator: Coverage Calculate Cypress Mulch

About Cypress Mulch

Mulch comes in many colors and can help beautify your garden.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, mulching is highly recommended for maintaining a nurtured, nutrient-rich garden.

Mulch will:
-Add nutrients to your soil.
-Reduce the evaporation of water from the soil it's laid down on.
-Protect your layer of top soil by insulating it from the summer heat.
-Repel and reduce weed growth.

It is best to apply 2-4" of mulch in all plant/gardening areas, depending on the type of mulch. Finer mulches: 2", coarser mulches: 4" layer.

Size Variation: Please allow for up to 10% larger or smaller pieces as well as up to 10% fine material within your product than what is described in the product information. This is due to the sieve mechanism.
Product Coloration: Product may appear darker or lighter than the picture due to being a natural product.
Guiding Volume: On orders of 4 tons or more, please allow for 10% more or less in product quantity regarding your ordered amount.
On orders less than 4 tons, please allow for 20% more or less product quantity regarding your ordered amount.
On much larger orders, the percentage of quantity difference will be reduced. These differences are due to the nature of the loading mechanism.

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